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Welcoming back the club championship 2024; 

Three calendar events included are:

  • 13th January 2024 - Wyllie Kart City Young Guns

  • 11th May 2024 - Saturday Night Lights - Phil Goss Memorial

  • 7th July 2024 - Bec Wyatt Memorial

Club Championship Regulations 2024

1) Eligible Classes
Classes eligible for the club championship in 2024 are;


  • All Classes will be offered

All classes are to comply with the Latest Edition of the Karting Australia (KA) 2024 Karting Manual and any approved addendums which can be found at
2) Drivers Championship
To qualify for the Club Championship, the drivers must meet the following requirements:
 All 3(three) rounds count towards the championship. There are no dropped rounds.  

  •  A minimum of 3 rounds must be contested to be eligible for the club championship

  •  All drivers must be a current financial member of Launceston Kart Club,  including prior to the  commencement    of the first round in the championship and maintain their membership till the completion of the club championship

  • Minimum of 4 drivers per class at each round

  • Only 1 class per competitor

  • One working bee or race officiating or canteen volunteering must be completed by competitor, parent or guardian to be completed prior to the completion of the championship.

  • Anyone that is time poor your membership can be upgraded to a "gold membership option. This includes lub championship qualification.

  • 3) Race Day Format

  • All rounds will be contested with a computer grid under Karting Australia format XXXXXXX.

  • All entries must be via KOMP, There will be NO LATE ENTRIES.

  • The race day format may be changed at the discretion of the board.

4) Point Score

  • Points are allocated based on the Points Table which will be posted on the Website. Points will be accumulated across all heats and finals.

  • Point score tally and format will be made available via the website after round 1(one)

  • The final point score will be calculated across all championship rounds.

  • No driver may transfer points in class earned in a class competed in into another class

  • The point score will be posted after each event as soon as available.

6) Awards
Trophies will be awarded from First (1st) to Third (3rd) in all classes.
b) Championship:
Trophies will be awarded for first (1st) to third (3th) place for all nominated classes.
Cadet, Junior and Senior club champion will be awarded, both these awards are awarded to the driver with the highest point score overall in either the cadet, junior or senior class.

  • (1st) place will be awarded $300 plus entry in the 2024 Tasmania State Championship.

  • (2nd) place will be awarded $200 in cash entry into Archerville Classic State Cup. 

  • (3rd) place will be awarded $100 in cash.

In the event of a tie:
Fastest combined qualifying results from all three rounds will determine the overall placings
General information:
– Any disputes must be put in writing and addresses to the Secretary – All disputes will be adjudicated by the Launceston Kart Club General Comittee.  Decisions are final.
– The General Committee reserves the right to make amendments to these rules in the interest of the sport.

2024 Launceston Kart Club Tasks to Complete Safety Compliance 2024 Deadline 30th April * Build Tyre Barrier to New Specifications. * Civil Work to reconstruct circuit catch traps. * Circuit gate changes * Line Marking * Volunteer to water new grass area after work completed to re- establish. On Going track and facility maintenance: Mowing, fencing, cleaning, weed spraying, gutter cleaning, electrical work , plumbing, aesthetic work painting pressure cleaning, grafiti cleaning. Officiating Work: Some of these jobs can be a shared task on race day. Lights Operators Timining System Scale & Grid Marshalls In Field Marshalls Canteen Assistance: Would require you to be on a weekend roster for the weekend. You will not be in there all day. We are also open to any suggestions of things can need doing or can improve the facility as a whole.

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