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In the early 2000’s Bec started commentating at the Launceston Kart Club driving back home to Launceston from Hobarts where she was attending University.  Once racing was over Bec would head back down south to continue her studies.  Something that Bec was known for as a commentator was her ability to communicate the racing to spectators.  Everyone around the track knew exactly what was happening without even having to watch, with every competitor getting a mention whether they were leading, running mid field or down the back it didn’t matter to Bec.  As the years progressed Bec became a triple threat at the track. Her day would start in the canteen helping Sharon Lee prepare food for the weekend, then filling her regular role of commentating followed by helping out behind the bar at the completion of racing.  Bec’s final role for the club was as Club Secretary.



WS - Bec Wyatt Memorial Podium_edited.jpg


2021 - Harry Ward 
2022 - To Be Run June 19th


Bec was hands down one of the most passionate non racing karters’ you could have ever come across, especially considering she had only ever gotten behind the wheel of a go kart once in her life.  Bec’s love of karting started the same way it has for many kids back in the 80’s and 90’s by essentially being born into it.  When Bec was born in 1982 her dad Chris was racing competitively all-around Tasmania.  Bec would either be found in the back of the car playing or making friends with the other kids around the track.  In her younger years outside of karting Bec’s passions were music and learning to play violin to which she was very successful at.  As the years continued Bec’s mum Christine was one of the Canteen Managers so Bec would be found running around helping out wherever she could before progressing onto the tower to help with manual lap scoring. 




The Bec Wyatt Memorial is a 21-lap memorial feature race for Tasmania’s most popular senior class, KA3.  This memorial race was first introduced in 2021 with Hobarts Harry Ward taking the victory after starting from position 24 in a field of 26.  Second position went to Burnie’s Ethan Wyllie with the final step on the podium, which seemed to be fate, going to Bec’s brother Zane.

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