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It is a condition of Karting Australia that for any track licensed by them to be used

 requires a Karting Activity Controller Level 5 to be the responsible person.

The grade 5 understands and follows the rules set by Karting Australia and our club.

This ensures the safety of all users using the facility.

Anyone over 18 can do this ! 

You need to:


 Register on KOMP in order for this to be processed

Karting Australia

It is also a requirement to have a current working with children's card

this can be applied for online at link is below:

The following can be done while you wait for WWvP Card to arrive.

Once you receive your WWvP Upload to KOMP profile

Send an email to

Request to register for KAC training

Provide your full name, contact number and address,

You need to identify your KOMP registration number.

Include the club you are a member of.

They will then respond with an email with a unique link to begin your training courses to complete

Once you have completed all of the above you need to submit the final application form 

You will find this in KOMP under applications.

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