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Phil was one of the most passionate racers you could have ever come across.  One of the major things that drew Phil to the sport was that he could share his love for karting with his daughter Jessie, who raced alongside him at every race meeting, not to mention his loving wife Teresa who was his number one supporter. 

 Phil’s love of karting started by watching his dad Syd’s racing career who was one of the founding members of the Launceston Kart Club, however his racing career started a lot later in life than your average racer.  Phil’s love for karting didn’t stop at sitting behind the wheel, he spent a lot of time keeping himself in tip top physical fitness by going for walks with his dog as well as doing 36km a night on the exercise bike to keep his weight down so he could keep up with his younger competitors.

Phil would spend hours at the track practicing but even more time out in his shed maintaining the karts and keeping them in pristine condition.  Each time their karts hit the track they were as if they came straight off the production line. Phil also assisted a lot in construction work at the kart track when the circuit was updated as well as being an early advocate for women in motorsport.


The Phil Goss Memorial started in 2009 and so far 9 different drivers taking a victory.  For the first time since 2016 the Phil Goss Memorial is BACK as a 21-lap random draw feature race for KA4 Masters.


 This year will also be conducted for the first time ever under lights as well as including a pole shuffle for all KA4 masters’ drivers.  Podium winners in the KA4 Masters final prior to the Memorial race will also receive a bonus when it come to the random draw.

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Phil was one of Tasmania’s most successful “Over 40’s” drivers.  Including winning multiple Tasmanian State Championship in the Over 40’s Heavy class and generally running in from of majority of the Light drivers.  


Phil was the first Tasmanian to ever win the Over 40’s Championship at Coffs Harbour in NSW as well as one of the first drivers to bring the Rotax engine into Tasmania.



2009 - Stephen Johnstone        
2010 - Steve Crocker
2011 - Neville Young 
2012 - Michael Vaughan     
2013 - Steve Bricknell 
2014 - Adrian Harper 
2015 - Scott Hildyard
2016 - Scott Hildyard
2017 - Johnathan Males 
2018 - Shane Stonehouse
2019 - Shane Stonehouse
2020 - Shane Stonehouse
2021 - Shane Stonehouse
2022 - Anthony McCullagh
2023 - Shane Stonehouse


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